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Carroll County Education Association

Apple Ballot Candidate

In May of 2022, CCEA’s Government Relations Committee and Interview Committee shared their recommended local candidates for endorsement.


"Dr. Jozkowski demonstrated a tremendous amount of experience with policy implementation and data analysis and could serve as a bridge to higher education."

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Educator and Parent

"Amanda is amazing and I'm so excited to have such a knowledgeable candidate to support our students!"


Educator and Parent

"We are so lucky to have [Amanda] as a friend and role model for our kids. Her kindness, compassion, and intelligence are what our system needs."

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"I'm very excited and proud to support Dr. Amanda Jozkowski in her candidacy for the Carroll County Board of Education. Knowing Amanda personally, I already knew that I would wholeheartedly support her involvement in our school system. She is kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and cares deeply about the children and education in our community. 

Through her candidacy, I've had the opportunity to learn even more about her professional qualifications and how perfectly they align with what I believe our BOE needs. As an Occupational Therapist, she is very aware of the unique needs that all children may have when it comes to the ability to learn and to be ready for the world beyond school. As a professor and researcher, she is more than qualified to be able to evaluate data as it pertains to not only education and access, but also to public healthcare which the last two years have proven to be extremely important." 



"I'm proud to support Amanda Jozkowski in the upcoming Board of Education race. Our students and educators desperately need representatives with real-life experience and a stake in the game.


As a Professor, Occupational Therapist, and Mom, I know that Amanda will execute the role beautifully and for the benefit of the entire school system and all families."