Amanda Jozkowski, PhD, OTR/L


I am an associate professor at Towson University, a pediatric occupational therapist, and mother of three young children residing in Eldersburg, Maryland. In service to the people of Carroll County, I will enact policies and practices to support the preparation of our students for a rapidly changing world. As a member of the Board of Education, I will work to provide all students the opportunity to learn and grow competently and confidently into successful community members.

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My Campaign Priorities

Real World Preparation

Graduate students prepared for community life by supporting teachers to enact best practices in both academic pursuits and the development of functional life skills.

Value and enhance opportunities for career and technical education.


Increase job-preparation, placement, and transition services for certificate candidates prior to graduation.


Maintain fiscal transparency and accountability through improved communication, data management, and smart planning for investment and growth of the school system and surrounding community.

Improve CCPS' profile and access all available funding through the Blueprint for Maryland's Future by enacting the county's implementation plan, and meeting or exceeding state-level benchmarks on time and within budget.


Create an environment of respect and belonging for all students, staff, and families in the school system.

Enhance access to wraparound services, technology, and alternative education models to increase equity and opportunity for success.

Address bullying and promote a culture of inclusive education informed by restorative principles.

Participatory Leadership

Model leadership and collaborative decision-making with parents.


Empower and provide a platform for student and community voices.

Work effectively with county and state leaders.

Encouraging the participation and advocacy efforts of staff and community agencies.

Investing in Educators

Recruit, retain, and empower highly qualified school system employees.


Provide better training, raise salaries, prioritize more diverse hires, de-emphasize standardized testing as a measure of teacher and student outcomes, and increase supports to prevent burnout and overwhelm.

Best Practices

Improve current practices at all levels (academic instruction, administration, governance) in line with established evidence and the highest ethical standards.

Address learning loss and inequities in learning opportunity by providing robust and individualized supports to all students.

Ensure that the health, safety, and wellness of students and employees are prioritized - initiatives to address physical and mental health must be effective, science-driven, and grounded in developmental and culturally-responsive frameworks.

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